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One clinical study published in the scientific French review Phytothérapie demonstrated fat-reducing effects of a green (non-roasted) coffee bean extract.

One group of volunteers was given 400mg of a decaffeinated green coffee extract daily, and the second group received a placebo.

After 60 days of supplementation, participants who received the green coffee extract had lost 5.7 percent of their initial weight.

Numerous studies in the past have shown weight loss with Green Coffee Beans. However, in March 2012, a breakthrough human clinical study was presented at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world's largest scientific society.

This 22 week study was unique because the test participants from 22 to 46 years old were subjected to three different dosage levels: placebo (no Green Coffee Bean), low dosage, and high dosage. Such studies have advantages since each test subject serves as his or her own "control", improving the chances of getting an accurate result.

All the participants were monitored for their overall diet and exercise regimen to ensure no significant change in either during the trial period.

Green Coffee Beans contain a natural compound known as Chlorogenic Acid. When coffee beans are roasted at high temperatures, the Chlorogenic Acid is destroyed, along with the coffee beans remarkable weight loss properties.

Unroasted Green Coffee Beans have been shown in human clinical trials to reduce the absorption of dietary fat, spark metabolism and Thermogenic fat burning, and to control blood sugar levels leading to significant reductions in overall body weight and the percentage of total body fat.



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It's NOT uncommon for people to carry as much as thirty pounds of toxic waste in their colon. In fact, some bowels, when autopsied, weighed up to 40 pounds with a diameter of 12" (30cms) with only a narrow passage through which feces could be eliminated.

But you can STOP the cycle. Green Coffee is a unique colon cleanser. It contains natural ingredients that help flush harmful food debris and toxins from the colon leaving it clean, disinfected, and functioning properly.

The average diet in the western world consists of ultra-high level fat content foods with high levels of preservatives. Add to that pollution from red and white meats, water, air and other environmental factors can leave your insides feeling yucky and run-down.
An average person in the western works will eat 4-6 meals/day and have a typical bowel-movement (bm) once a day. This leaves anywhere from 5-8 meals of food sitting in your system.

Have you ever considered this simple question?

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